Pension agreement tool: especially for the pension adviser has developed a calculation tool for the professional pension adviser who wants to assist her relations in making choices. Will it remain a defined contribution scheme with a graduated scale, or will current employees also switch to a flat rate?

The calculation tool calculates the following situations:

Development of pension charges for both systems for a period of more than 30 years:

What are the expected pensions for the employees under both systems based on:

  • Return and market interest (of your choice)
  • Scenario sets DNB: Expected, bad and good weather

Compensation scheme for (older) employees:

  • Determine the pension goal? 100% of the pension as with the defined contribution scale or a percentage thereof
  • Compensation for 10 years or 15 years or until the retirement date
  • What are the compensation charges

After the various calculations, the report follows. On the basis of a clear report with various graphs / tables, with additional text blocks, to be filled by the consultant. Plus overviews per employee, so that after the decision for a particular solution, the employee gains insight into the consequences for the ultimate pension.

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