With Onzepensioenregeling.nl it is possible to support the employer in terms of pension communication. An important part of this is also the financial planning for the employee. Onzepensioenregeling.nl is therefor collaborating with one of the most forward planning tools on the market. FinRust.


FinRust helps consultants to quickly and effectively chart the financial situation of private individuals and entrepreneurs and determine the target capital for supplementing the pension and death. Minimal input, fast DigiD links and smart graphs lead to maximum insight and a fast process. You can also see the consequences of stopping work sooner or later with one click. PensionRust automatically converts all pensions to the desired retirement age. Everything in net amounts per month. That is what customers understand!

Situation after death

FinRust helps consultants to map out the financial situation of the client and partner in the event of death within 5 minutes. At a glance, it is clear what the fall in net income per month is! PensionRust then calculates the deficit as target capital. You therefore not only compare premiums but offer more value and your file is complete!

Strong together

This collaboration has created the most comprehensive solution for pension communication. As a consultant you come closer to the employee and financial planning creates the chance of cross selling. When you use Onzepensioenregeling.nl and FinRust you also receive a discount as a consultant!